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Why Do I Need myCareDirectives?

Why Do I Need myCareDirectives?

In a medical emergency, will your healthcare or end-of-life wishes be followed?

myCareDirectives provides a simple way to ensure your Care Directives are easily and immediately accessible to you, to designated family members, and to your medical providers.

Our goal is simple: to ensure your health care/end of life wishes are followed. myCareDirectives allows you to electronically store and easily retrieve your Care Directive forms, so they can be immediately provided to medical providers and to family members in a fully HIPAA compliant manner.

Unfortunately, during some medical emergencies, doctors and family members do not have access to Care Directive forms (POLST/DNR/HPOA/AD) and do not know what the person's wishes are. Oftentimes, these forms have been completed, but are not available. In some situations, the person may be physically unable to communicate his/her health care end of life wishes.

  • What if a serious injury or illness left you unable to verbalize your treatment wishes?

  • What if your family was unable to locate or obtain your Care Directive forms?

  • What if your family was not present to help make critical medical decisions for you or to discuss your wishes with your medical provider?

myCareDirectives is the solution

If you already have completed Care Directives, you can store them securely on myCareDirectives. If you are incapacitated and unable retrieve your documents, your designated persons can access them on your behalf by utilizing your unique PIN code.

If you have not completed Care Directive documents, myCareDirectives allows you to download sample Care Directive forms, which you can easily complete and upload into your personal myCareDirectives account.

Prevent an undignified ending to a dignified life.