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About Us

About Us

myCareDirectives.com was created by two experienced board-certified Emergency Physicians who were tired of witnessing the unnecessary ordeal of painful guilt-ridden decisions of life support and medical treatment forced upon family members at times of extreme stress.

Over decades of clinical practice, these physicians were regularly called upon to manage patients in times of emergency who were unable to communicate their wishes for medical treatment and witnessed the anguish, time and time again, of the patient's family members in such a circumstance.

Does the patient want all resuscitation and invasive measures performed? Would the patient prefer minimal intervention? Without appropriate documentation the clinician is obligated to perform all resuscitative measures unless family communicates that such measures are not desired. But would the patient agree? Are the family members in agreement?

myCareDirectives.com was launched to prevent this ordeal forced upon family members and end the frustration of healthcare professionals who do not have access to a patient's documented healthcare choices. Yes, the patient may have documented such choices, but unless such documents are available at the time they are needed, they are of no value. Our goal at myCareDirectives.com is to address the critical need to provide instant access to Care Directive documents whenever and wherever they are needed while maintaining the patient's privacy and confidentiality.