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Frequently Asked Questions

(and answers)

State POLST registries are geographically limited and restrict who can access your documents, typically to healthcare providers that have enrolled, limiting access in times of emergencies. With myCareDirectives, you have complete control over your Care Directive documents and can make them accessible to anyone at any time.

It costs $30 per year to store your health care documents on myCareDirectives.com.If you misplace your wallet card, you can order a replacement card for $10.

No. We do not see your credit card information nor do we store it. You will be notified via email as the expiration date of your subscription approaches, asking if you would like to renew.

myCareDirectives.com is a HIPAA compliant website. Your medical wishes and information are stored securely and confidentially. The only identifying data used in myCareDirectives.com is your name and date of birth. Your social security number and medicare number are not used in this website.

Absolutely not. All information on myCareDirectives.com is completely secure and we do not sell nor share nor allow access to any third party entities.

You can store any or all of the above documents in myCareDirectives.com.

If you change or amend any of your documents, you can delete or replace any or all of the documents without any cost/fee.

Yes, as long as the forms have been completed and signed by the medical provider and/or power of attorney.

No. The only documents that can be stored in myCareDirectives.com are the POLST/DNR/Advance Directive and/or Healthcare Power of Attorney forms.

You, your account manager, your document viewers, and any medical provider who you want to have access to your healthcare documents.