Wallet Card and Emergency PINS

The purpose of myCareDirectives.com is to allow healthcare providers access to your Care Directive documents in times of an emergency so that your healthcare wishes can be honored.

This access occurs by a unique PIN code. There are two types of PIN codes that allow access to the Care Directive documents:

  1. Wallet Card PIN code: Upon signing up for myCareDirectives.com, a wallet card is mailed to the account holder. This wallet card contains a unique, permanent PIN code. The intent is that the account owner will keep the card available at all times so that at times of an emergency, the healthcare team can immediately access the Care Directive documents.
  2. Emergency PIN code: In case the account owner is not able to share the wallet card PIN code, Account Assistants can quickly generate an emergency PIN code and then share it with the healthcare team, allowing immediate access to the Care Directive documents. Once created, the emergency PIN code can be sent directly from your account via text or email. An emergency PIN code remains valid for 24 hours upon creation and remains valid for 6 hours after a healthcare provider has used it to log in to view your Care Directive documents.